Ares Amoeba AM-015 Stubby Badger CQB - Tan

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ARES - Amoeba AM-015 Stubby Badger CQB - Tan is a stubby variant of the Popular 'Honey Badger' gun range, created by ARES. The weapon itself is constructed mainly from Polymer, and features an CNC Alloy Handguard, Internals and Outer Barrel and Sound Enhancing Mock Suppressor. The body of the gun is made of Polymer, making it lightweight yet durable, making it great for CQB by allowing you to turn corners more easily, and play for longer without becoming tired. The flash hider which comes attached to a 14mm Clockwise thread, is designed to look like a miniature suppressor, but is actually infact a noise enhancer, making it sound louder when fired. The weapon features a stippled effect on the Pistol Grip and Magazine which makes the weapon easier to grip, and features a range of features such as an extended magazine release and larger than normal trigger guard to accomodate for Glove Users. The weapon features a reciever length top Rail, allowing you to attach a variety of Sights and Scopes, and features Long and Short Modular Rail Panels which are attached the Handguard, and can be moved at any time to suit a variety of setups. This AMOEBA style rifle is part of ARES's new EFCS gear box system (Electronic Firing Control System), which allows the gear box to be programmed to be Semi, 3 round burst or full auto using the Ares Amoeba Electronic Gearbox Programmer EFCS. The new EFCS gear box system means the AEG rifle comes with an electronic trigger, meaning an even quicker trigger response! This gun is perfect for those Airsoft Skirmishers who want a unique looking weapon, that is lightweight and durable.

  • Electronic Trigger
  • ARES EFCS Gearbox
  • Ultra Compact Design

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